GlowV1 - The Ultimate night golf ball - now even brighter!

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Play the best glow in the dark night golf ball in the industry. This means our ball not only glows, it hits as long and true as your favorite tour quality ball like the Callaway HX or ProV1. We accomplish this because unlike LED golf balls, our ball has a real core, mantle and skin. So it hits soft, long and true. 

HOW THE GlowV2 WORKS: The GlowV2 uses photoluminescent glow in the skin to light up the ball. Just place it on the UV Glow Charger or UV flashlight for a minute and it will glow brightly for 8-10 minutes. Then have a slow after glow for hours. What makes

WHAT MAKES THE GlowV2 so revolutionary is that it's the first night golf ball with a true 90 compression COR rating. This means true bounce off your club face and no need to club up to compensate for the deadness of an LED night golf ball's battery core.


  • -Max Glow pigment in the skin for a solid 8-10 minutes of bright glow and 6 hours of after glow
  • -A true 90 Compression core
  • -Urethane skin for soft feel and bounce
  • -Tour quality feel and distance 


What night golf ball should I buy? There is only one choice. The GlowTour V2 by Glowgear golf. ProV1 feel and preformance in a night golf ball.

Product Reviews

Written by Lance Sur on 21st Sep 2014

" THE BEST " Glow ball in golf - Distance,Feel,Control & Glow

Im now playing championship golf courses from the tips and posting good scores at NIGHT! Because this ball glows so well I have yet to lose even one ball, very easy to find at night. This glow ball by Glow Gear golf has changed my day golf into night golf...... Thank you Lance Sur

Written by Nicholas on 14th Jul 2014

Great ball quality, but light isn't bright

The quality and feel of this golf ball is wonderful for a night golf ball. I would compare it to a Titleist Velocity in terms of feel and performance. However, compared to other night balls and their intense illumination, this ball does not light up like the others and is very hard to find unless you are very near area where the ball is, hence, my three star rating.

Written by John Altschul on 29th May 2014

Best night ball I have ever hit!

All around great, the distance is there while being relatively soft.

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