Glow V1 NIGHT GOLF BALL - 12 Ball Pack with 1 UV Flashlight

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12-pack-light-use-pic-amazon-callouts-2.jpgPLAY THE LONGEST HITTING BALL IN NIGHT GOLF 

The Glow V1 is the apex of night golf technology and performance. We start with a 2 piece full compression core

and wrap it in a surlyn skin packed with our proprietary glow pigment. Now you have a golf ball that achieves

the distance, feel and performance of your favorite daytime...and it glows. 


You can pre-charge your ball by putting it in the sun. 

When you are ready to play, simply turn on your UV Power light and charge your

ball for 1-3 minutes at the start of your round. Then, after hitting your ball you can charge up your second as you walk to your first ball. Once at your ball you have the option to hit away or charge your ball up a bit for extra brightness. 


The Glow V1 will glow brightly for 10-15 minutes with a 6 hour long after life.



The Glow V1 is the first tour quality Night Golf Ball signed like a real golf ball, but with a skin packed with glow. Hit longer, more accurate night golf shots.

Product Reviews

Written by undefined on 4th Oct 2017

Great glow ball

Amazing how much this ball acts like a regular ball!

Written by Phil on 9th May 2017

Real Ball

It's a real, drivable golf ball. Golfing at night is waayyyy better.

Written by Lance Sur on 6th Mar 2017

Best Glow Ball in Golf

Has all the Quality of top golf balls on the market today, and glows better then any other ball....

Written by Hughie on 9th Oct 2016

We won our Glowball tourney with this ball!

A glow golf ball that plays like like a real golf ball? SIGN ME UP! We have played a number of different glow balls at our annual glow ball tournament. From balls with small glow sticks, to led impact balls, to balls that activate and stay lit. We found all above were 1-2 and sometimes 3 club variance. This ball is like a normal golf ball you will play any day, at any event. It ships with a UV flashlight to charge the golf ball which I did every shot. It lasts, it plays like a "normal" ball and I'm happy to say that I will look at the better 3w charging ,oft for our next events. I will not play a different glow ball......ever Charged properly, it doesn't "turn off". Shanked shots are not its fault, but it's still easy got find!

Weight: 1.50 LBS
Width: 2.00
Height: 9.00
Depth: 5.00