Glow V1 - 2 Pack with UV Flashlight

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photoluminescent night golf balls


Play the first Night Golf ball that performs one to one with your favorite daytime ball. That means you can now hit pure
shots and hit your yardage, even at night. No longer will you break your driver or hit two clubs short using an inferior LED golf ball. 

WHAT MAKES THE Glow V1 SO REVOLUTIONARY? The GlowV1 is an actual real full compression golf ball that we
pack with glow pigment in the skin. So now you are hitting a true 90 compression golf ball with a real COR rating.
Not a dead rock that can hurt your clubs. This means it has true bounce off your club face.


-Max Glow pigment in the skin for a solid 8 minutes of bright glow and 6 hours of after glow
-A true 90 Compression core
-Urethane skin for soft feel and bounce
-Tour quality feel and distance
*Ships without retail packaging. AAA batteries not included with UV Flashlight.


The GlowV1 -  2 Ball Pack with UV Flashlight - with tour quality performance, play it like your day ball, no more clubbing up with an LED or glowstick night ball.

Product Reviews

Written by undefined on 30th Aug 2016

awesome product

Well done. Golf ball flies great !! We will keep ordering.

Written by matt ames on 9th Aug 2016

good product

Well this is my second set... 1st set I kinda burned trying to charge them up to close to the bright uv light .. Anyways they charge up with the flash light fairly quickly... last for about 7 minutes... glowing brightly.. and then a dimmer glow for another day hour... if you trying to finish up the round of golf as it gets dark out...there awesome ..perfect ball for it... if your using for night golf ... need a better way to charge that's all you'll be doing ..... That's way I gave it 4 stars.... but this ball plays alot better than led balls do it's a trade off....

Written by undefined on 18th Nov 2015

Great Ball

This was the first time I tried your product. I charged the golf balls on the course for only two holes of play and they performed very well. The distance and feel were very good and comparable to your average golf ball. I can't wait to get a full charge and try them again.

Written by Mr. Shank on 1st Nov 2015

The best night gear!

Way better than stickballs or led. Great trajectory for night.

Written by Greg Worrall on 28th Sep 2015

Excellent Quality

These golf balls are outstanding. The shipping was fast, the quality of the glow of the golf ball is excellent.

Weight: 1.00 LBS
Width: 8.50
Height: 5.50
Depth: 2.00