40" UV GLOW BALL CHARGER - Tee Box Light

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Night golf ball charger

TIME TO CREATE THE PARTY with the centerpiece of the tee box. 3ft high charger hosts a powerful UV light in the cap so you
can charger your Glow V1 ball while you wait to play. They are also great for tee box sponsors with a big glow cone designed for

back light branding. 

FEATURES: Specifications 

  • Remote controlled for day time set up without turning on
  • -40” high x 8” round
  • -1 watt UV blacklight on top to charge your balls
  • -Optically enhanced body tube for increased glow
  • -Solid state RGB - LED light Powerbase: 12 colors and 4 fade modes
  • -Recharge port and optic eye for remote on side
  • -Runtime: 12 hours (between recharges)
  • -Power supply: Rechargeable Nickel-metal Hydride (NIMH)
  • -Battery life: 200 recharges

night golf ball charger

CHARGE YOUR BALL AND SHOW OFF YOUR SPONSORS. The ultimate glow ball charger.

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Weight: 13.50 LBS
Width: 27.00
Height: 38.00
Depth: 9.00